About Us

Meet The Leading Call Center Service Providers

Starting in 2014, the leading call center service provider, J.Sons Communications, offers premium quality recorded leads. We have a solid reputation in the insurance and financial industries and have worked with the top insurance agents in the nation.

We provide premium, recently recorded leads that are centered on quality. We successfully work with independent agents, small agencies, and publicly traded companies across the country as an extension of sales teams.

Our Vision


We envision ourselves as the partner of choice in the BPO and call-center industry by adding value, long-term support, and sustainable growth for our customers


Our Mission

J.Sons Communications is dedicated to giving our clients lasting value. We use cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to deliver a variety of comprehensive and reasonably priced final expense insurance leads to our clients from across the globe, assisting them in achieving their business objectives.

Your Call Center Service Experts

To ensure long-term business sustainability and mutually beneficial relationship, J.Sons Communications offers freshly recorded, top-notch leads. Since the beginning of our business, we've had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous insurance brokers across 50 States.

As the leading BPO and call center service provider, we enable clients worldwide to achieve their corporate goals by setting up cutting-edge communication systems. Thanks to our comprehensive IT offerings, their business is transformed, and operational efficiencies are increased.

How We Work Makes Us the Leader!

You and/or your agents will receive a targeted final expense campaign from our highly competent and accommodating calling staff assigned to your campaign. Each agent receives a unique set of leads tailored to his or her area of expertise.

In all 50 states, we can produce leads! We give you the option to order leads based on their geographic location, allowing you to stay close to home and local. For all lead orders, our standard dispatch time is 5-8 business days.

You will receive a comprehensive spreadsheet with all your customers' information with every lead order. For every lead that we generate, we also offer a recording. You can download this in MP3 format from this page. We want to demonstrate to you the reliability of every lead we generate.

Here's What We Bring to The Table

By partnering with J.Sons Communications, you can access a broad range of specialized services in the final expense business verticals. Additionally, with more than 10  years of experience, we can help you save time by evaluating vendor capabilities, negotiating contracts, and resolving legal, compliance, and SLA issues.

We firmly adhere to our core principles of excellence, teamwork, and integrity to forge long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time. We are the most reliable partners that you can wish for.

We want to show you how trustworthy each lead we produce is. As soon as our expert callers get your leads it will go through quality control and be emailed to you. That is why we provide a recording (MP3 format, compatible with standard voice devices) along with every lead we create.

And that is not all! Here's more of what we guarantee:

  1. The prospect's name and age
  2. How much coverage is the prospect interested in
  3. The best period of the day for contact
  4. Prospect's beneficiary and their relationship with him
  5. Contact details including a verified address and call-in number
  6. Confirmation in writing that the client is aware the agents will contact them
  7. A security question and addition of your name in every lead

Here's Why You Should Choose Us

We create specialized outbound prospecting campaigns to generate high-quality leads, opportunities, and sales appointments based on your particular needs and qualifications. Through collaboration, feedback, and data, J.Sons Communications works as an extension of your sales team to continuously improve and scale your sales development strategy.

For picking us as a forerunner in the call center and BPO industry, our clients have a multitude of reasons, including:

  1. Access to our expertise and more than 10-year experience in information and technology
  2. Provide high-quality BPO and Call Center affordable and budget-friendly services
  3. We offer outstanding customer service by being available for customers 24/7
  4. Create a network of effective communication between companies and their clients
  5. Utilize cutting-edge technologies to manage our esteemed clients' IT operations